The key to reaching 1000 to 1400 exhales with your Smoke Eraser is keeping your HEPA filter dry. Through our unique patent pending pre-filter system, we've managed to separate and collect 90% of the condensed water vapor passing with each breath of exhaled smoke. The specially treated hydrophobic breath barrier blocks these tiny water droplets without adding resistance to airflow resulting in the preservation of the HEPA filter. With HEPA filter staying drier longer, this significantly slows the dreaded filter restriction. Now you know, it's water reaching and soaking the HEPA that's always been at the heart of why sploofs can almost never exceed this commonly stated claim of only 300 exhales. An inconvenience our customers no longer have to worry about. But staying on point; so the accumulating moisture must go somewhere. Notice the black sponge-like disc or breath collector (see image below). You'll find this held under the lid by way of the breath barrier. This will become semi-saturated eventually as it is continually withholding moisture that would have entered the HEPA contributing to the resistance (clogging) we want to avoid.

Whenever you wish to dry the pre-filter, the simple instructions are below. Keeping your HEPA dry prolongs the life of your Smoke Eraser. How frequently you dry out collected pre-filter moisture determines the length of life you'll experience above and beyond the typical 300 exhales. I recommend a simple drying after each session when you'll be removing the lid anyway.

  1. Pop off and dry underside of lid.
  2. Remove sponge, smash btwn 2 napkins, replace.
  3. Close lid.

Simple as that. Process will take you half a minute or so and each time you do it, you'll significantly add life to your Smoke Eraser. Not a bad trade off to triple your exhales.

*Conclusions regarding the pre-filter upgrade. Proactively drying sponge piece at regular intervals, properly storing unit when not in use, and just being diligent about maintaining an open and dry environment between sessions, reaching the 1000 to 1200 exhale mark should be relatively easy for most. This will depend largely on the factors above and seriousness of smoker. Also interesting, results so far of cycling 2 units at once, rotating daily, show both units having reached the 1400 exhale mark but with neither having reached any kind of ceiling. Furthermore, each unit after adequate drying time (8+ hours), is blowing through totally restriction free. That's with almost the same free flow today as when new. Unexpected and impressive, this would be something to surely consider. And although definitely interesting to note, we still must contend with the fact our activated carbon cannot be made limitless and therefore at some point will begin to lose its effectiveness to remove 100% of the odor. But until then, we of course plan to continue testing the rotating Smoke Erasers to find out if an end even exists. As of this point, we can only say that cycling 2, with proper attention given to keeping the resting unit open at both ends and being attentive regarding how often and when to dry Breath Collector sponge, we have exceeded 1400 exhales fairly easily. Furthermore, this has proven to be the most cost efficient way to use the product.

More tips...

So overnight, between sessions, or just anytime not using your Smoke Eraser, in the spirit of always working toward keeping the filter element as dry as possible, be sure to remove lid and leave unit sitting on its side as this opens it from both ends.

• In the (rare) event of such extreme use your Smoke Eraser prematurely becomes difficult to blow through, you my friend, are on another level. Not gonna say you don't exist or that it's impossible to do, its just not a common occurrence and well, you would just need to be accommodated for too. So if you have been regularly purging the breath collector sponge and you're pinching your breath barrier each time between the lid and bottle as shown in video, and you can still actually clog the filter, on any given day by yourself; then you're going to want to give it a rest. Break it down and set it on its side til next day, and it will very likely be wide open again (fyi: a hair dryer works as well). Now buy a 2nd and begin rotating them 1 day on 1 day off. It's just smart and it will ensure you reach a good 1200+ exhales (on each) and likely have you exceeding this quite noticeably as an increase in drying time between sessions is directly proportional to increase in lifespan. Cycling 2 is going to always be more cost efficient as it results in more exhales.

*FYI: Not only true for heavy smokers. Any user would experience the increase in exhales when rotating 2 Smoke Erasers.

With longevity comes sustainability. And with such an exceptionally long life span, the Smoke Eraser remains the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option available.

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