Why us?

Because 1000 to 1400 exhales makes us the longest lasting sploof on the market. Period.

Sploofs die prematurely from breath moisture. We went ahead and fixed that. Introducing Smoke Eraser. The only sploof engineered to trap all moisture before ever reaching the HEPA filter quadrupling the life of any other sploof available.

You are here for one reason. Peace of mind. We get it's nobody's business but yours, and privacy is what you seek. This is why every Smoke Eraser is designed with an obsessive attention to detail ensuring flawless performance in every exhale. So when it matters, you can trust a Smoke Eraser.

How can it take 1000 hits?


Better Design

Common sense design ensures far less residual smoke remaining after exhale within chamber between mouthpiece and filter. With almost every other sploof design you'll find the mouth piece uncomfortable and the opening quite large. In contrast, our gummy-bear-soft silicone mouth piece has an opening appropriately smaller and less exaggerated. The benefits of a tighter, more focused opening are simple. A smaller hole accommodates for and encourages a more forceful and concentrated exhale needed to clear chamber. (ie: try to blow hard with mouth open wide).

You know every bit makes a difference. So why take any chances? When it matters, trust a Smoke Eraser.

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