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Spaz- Smoke Eraser V3- Gets 1400 Exhales, 5X Any Other Sploof. Value Unmatched at Only 1 Cent per Hit. HighTimes 5 Star Rating. Keeps Moisture from HEPA. Conceal All Odor & Smoke.

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• 1400 HITS. HOW? 1st know all sploofs die due to breath moisture clogging HEPA. To fix, we added a pre-filter that blocks, then collects 90% moisture into sponge you'll dry as needed. A hydrophobic barrier blocks it, the sponge collects it, you dry it when full. Every 30 or when needed. Each time makes it like new again, similar to swimming pool after filter cleaning. No other sploof allows this desperately needed task to be performed that multiplies life span & more than quadruples value. • PENNY PER EXHALE -MOST AFFORDABLE OPTION. By far the cheapest sploof with most exhales w/ output 5x that of any competitor and exhales exceeding 1400 per unit, the value in a Smoke Eraser is simply unmatched. In terms of uses per dollar spent. Smoke Eraser is just under a cent and a half per hit, while all competition comes in right around 4 cents per exhale. See graphic. In terms of hits handled alone, you would have to buy 5 of theirs to match the exhales tolerated by just 1 Smoke Eraser. • PRIVACY & PEACE OF MIND: Keeping all smoke and smell contained to this hand held, pocketable unit ensures ability to remain unnoticed even when sharing a living space with or without wall separation. Keeps second hand smoke from family, roommates, and even neighbors. Excellent for apartment dwellers with thin walls. Excellent for hotel parties with no smoking policies. • MAKE A STATEMENT: Browse from about 50 unique skins to find those that fit your style. Compelling and vibrant from psychedelic to the absurd. Make a statement without saying a word. Be sure to grab any you find especially sexy as they are retired and replaced at random. Also makes a great gift for the person in your life who likes to vape or smoke. Buddy, husband, boss, neighbor. Perfectly appropriate for any of them. • THE KEY TO MAXIMIZING EXHALES? Rotating between 2, giving each a full day to dry, will get you more exhales per unit than what you can expect from using just one everyday. When able to give each a full day to dry with the lid off, using your other unit, you dry the stubborn 10% the pre-filter can't block. AKA: breath humidity. The sneaky stuff that can eventually kills even the Smoke Eraser. So pro tip: Cycling 2 is key to maximizing value & secret for getting extra exhales.

Product Description

Smoke Eraser V3

The key to exceeding 1000 exhales with your Smoke Eraser is keeping your HEPA filter dry. Through a patent pending hydrophobic breath barrier and collection sponge held just off the HEPA, we created a pre-filter system that blocks about 90% of breath moisture without restricting airflow resulting in preservation of the HEPA filter, thus quadrupling life span. HEPA stays drier longer significantly slowing filter restriction. A soaked HEPA filter is reason all sploofs die prematurely. Without ability to block, collect, & remove breath moisture, HEPA filters become soaked and eventually ruined within about 300 uses. Not the case with the Smoke Eraser. Each time you're able to purge moisture after each smoke session by drying your pre-filter, you reset it to like new instead of only continuously adding and accumulating moisture into the HEPA filter.

So using 1 unit works fine, but the Smoke Eraser is designed to work best, maximizing its potential value, when 2 units are cycled together, rotating them daily as this allows each a full day to dry the breath humidity too (the 10% the pre-filter can't block). This does not double output like one would think, but multiplies it. Cycling 2 units results in far more output per unit than what each would get separately when used alone. Just fact as they're designed to work as a pair. So now you know how to get most bang for your buck.

Smoke Eraser is the only sploof on the market you'll find providing access and ability to perform such a critically important maintenance task as this. To maintain your Smoke Eraser, dry pre-filter after each session leaving lid off between sessions. To use your Smoke Eraser, simply exhale in through the gummy bear soft silicone mouthpiece. Blow your 2nd hand smoke or vapor into the Smoke Eraser, and you'll get only clear odorless air out the other end. Follow suggested instruction videos upon receipt of product for optimal results.

Product information

Package Dimensions 4 x 2 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.24 ounces
Shipping Weight 2.24 ounces
Manufacturer Smoke Eraser
How it Works & Best Practices

To learn how to reach 1000 to 1400 exhales with your Smoke Eraser, please click here.

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